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Project summary :

DustBrush Cleaning Service of Australia specializes in providing cleaning services for those living with disabilities, and as an NDIS approved provider they commissioned the creation of a website to increase their online presence and strengthen relationships with potential clients. Their new site showcases their services and expertise while simultaneously improving communication with existing clients.

The primary goals of the website project were: 

 Improve Dust-Brush’s online presence and visibility
Showcasing services and expertise of Dust-Brush 

Raise awareness and understanding about Dust-Brush’s mission and values
Improve communication with clients, including online booking of services.

 The website features a modern and professional design that’s user-friendly, key features of which include: 

Home page with clear information on services offered and mission of company Booking services online Customizable forms

About Us page provides in-depth details about the company’s history, values, and qualifications. Services page provides details about all available cleaning services including other options; while the Testimonials page features reviews from satisfied clients.
Check out our Blog age with articles related to cleaning and related topics, or Visit contact us page with a contact form and information on how you can reach the company.
Dust-Brush has seen an exponentially increasing online traffic and leads since launching their new website, as visitors and leads have reported positive user experiences that include easy navigation and visually appealing design features. Since showcasing Dust-Brush expertise and services online has increased awareness and understanding of their mission and values; booking services online allows clients to book services easily while improving communication between service provider and client; online booking also improves client access allowing better accessibility of Dust-Brush services resulting in positive client interactions enhancing overall user experiences that have received positive user experience ratings with visitors reporting ease of navigation and an engaging visual appeal from visitors as visitors reported positive user experiences when visiting Dust-Brush website since launch date!

Dust-Brush’s new website has proven an enormously successful project, exceeding its primary objectives of increasing online presence, showcasing services and expertise, and improving client communication. Furthermore, awareness has increased of their mission and values leading to more website traffic and leads. Users reported positive user experience citing how user friendly and visually appealing the site was compared with competitors’ websites; ultimately Dust-Brush is proud of their results and plans on continuing using this platform to expand business growth while engaging more clients through this channel.

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0450969995 info@dustbrush.com.au Plympton Park SA 5038

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1 month for completion

Adelaide, Australia

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