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Project summary :

Complete Choice Disability Support Organization of Australia provides services and support for people with disabilities. Their website was designed with the intention of informing potential clients and caregivers about them as well as creating an open communication channel and information sharing forum.

This project’s primary aim was to design and create a user-friendly website for Complete Choice that would accurately represent its services and mission.
Design and development for this organization’s website were accomplished in collaboration with their team members. Utilizing cutting edge web development technologies, the resultant site offered seamless user experiences across devices.

Key Features of Complete Choice’s Website:Wanting to know more? Here are some highlights: This website features several key elements, including: Whilst providing comprehensive information about their organization and services – from support plans, options available, to employment opportunities – as well as employment opportunities within them.
An intuitive navigation system allowing users to easily locate the information they require. A blog section offering updates on recent news and developments in disability support. And an easily accessible contact form, making contact between user and organization as straightforward as possible.
Complete Choice’s website has been an overwhelming success, receiving positive responses from clients and stakeholders. It has enabled the organization to reach a broader audience and effectively market its services; particularly its careers page has proven effective at recruiting qualified talent while its contact form makes it simpler for potential clients to connect with Complete Choice.
Complete Choice’s website has become an invaluable asset, showcasing their services and mission to a wider audience. With its modern design, informative content, and useful features – it has helped cement Complete Choice as an outstanding disability support provider in Australia.

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08 7081 4142 23 Kent Road, Macdonald Park SA 5121

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1 month for completion

Adelaide, Australia

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